256 AI Vision

AI Artwork: Creating Art Through Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction in Upcoming Collection by BitTouch Art

BitTouch Art is a revolutionary NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art gallery excited to embrace the technology transforming the art market.

BitTouch Art is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art gallery embracing this technology transforming the art market. The gallery has an upcoming collection—256 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vision—that will focus on artwork made in collaboration with humans and artificial intelligence.

Exactly 256 AI-Generated NFT Artworks

In RGB systems, there are 256 shades per color channel. If you know binary system well enough, this number 256 should sound very familiar to you. The number, 256, is 2 raised to the 8th power or the 8-bit color depth. This means that each of the RGB channels has 256 shades so there are 256x256x256 or 16,777,216 colors in total in this 8-bit RGB system.


Collection Information

Items: 256 NFT's

Mint Cost: 1.00 ETH

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Period: 15.11.2021 - 24.11.2021

Private MINT:
Period: 24.11.2021 - 25.11.2021

*Each whitelisted address can mint up to 2 NFT's

Public MINT:
Period: 25.11.2021 - 27.11.2021


A little bit of background on AI Art

In 2018, Christie's sold the first AI artwork, Portrait of Edward Belamy, for $432,500. It was developed by a Paris-based collective called Obvious, which explores the space between art and AI. Christie's description of the painting interestingly read that the work was "not a product of a human mind."

One fascinating early example is a robotic system developed by Harold Cohen, an artist and programmer. Named AARON, his computer program can pick up a brush and apply paint to a canvas; it creates pictures of botanical gardens with people in them, and can make many unique paintings just from being given knowledge by a human. He was a bit of a trailblazer in the field, and now there are many artists working with AI.

256 AI Vision

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